Structure tents for storage purposes

Structure tents for storage are a perfect solution for customers who need to expand their warehouse space in a quick and low-cost way. We manufacture up to 25 m wide structure tents, with a load-bearing structure made of aluminium profiles or steel truss. Our structure tents are safe for use thanks to selecting profiles with suitable cross-sections for the construction. Our structure tents do not have additional supports in the centre of the tent, which significantly increases their usability.

Roof decking on our structure tents is made of top quality polyester films with the weight of 650-680 g/m2 and feature appropriate approvals of the Building Research Institute.

Catering tents

Similar to structure tents for storage purposes, our catering tents are made using channel aluminium profiles. Lightweight structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble a structure tent, which is combined with the high aesthetic values of the tents and allows them to be used both for one-day events and for long-term use as back-up facility during an event. The structure tents may be fitted with a steel and aluminium floor covered with wooden planks. In addition, there is an option of “formal treatment”, i.e. partial or full covering of the structural elements for a more aesthetically pleasing effect, and providing the facility with electrical installations. Side walls of the tent can be provided with windows made in any shape or with walls made completely of transparent film. In addition, one module of the structure tent can be made of sandwich panel and thermally insulated to install a professional kitchen inside the tent.

Structure tents for sports purposes

Structure tents for sports purposes should have appropriate technical parameters for playing sports. With structure tents for tennis courts, it is important to obtain an appropriate height of the tent. Halls with irregular roof slope may be the right solution.

Wall configuration

Standard structure tents with roof covering made entirely of polyester sheet:

This is a great solution for customers who want to expand their stock levels quickly and efficiently. Simple installation and disassembly allows for transferring even a large structure tent, e.g. a 500 m2 tent from one location to another in one day. Our offer includes walls in any colour to correspond to the colours in a customer’s logo or to match the colours of the existing buildings and warehouses. And with the ability to install any number of sliding walls or wallhung doors, it will allow for convenient manoeuvring in lift trucks and for positioning of goods at any location within the storage area created that way.

Structure tents with side walls made of troughed sheet:

For customers who need additional protection for their property, we have structure tent halls made with top quality T18 trapezoidal sheet, with metallic and organic coatings. Each structure tent with troughed sheet side walls is equipped with a sliding gate which can be located in any wall of the tent. Automatic rolling or sectional gates can be installed. In order to reduce the effects of condensation in the tent, it is suggested to use additional ceiling coatings which significantly reduce problems associated with water condensation.

Structure tents with side walls made of sandwich panels:

For customers who require maintaining constant, elevated temperature in the winter, we have structure tents with walls made of sandwich panels, i.e. expanded polystyrene or mineral wool core covered with steel sheet on both sides. The additional protective coating on the roof creates an “air cushion” which protects the tent from rapid loss of heat. It is possible to build a “pumped roof”, i.e. a roof structure with a constant pressure maintained between the coatings. Structure tents with sandwich panels is the perfect solution to build heated rooms that can serve as warm storage rooms, production rooms, year-round commercial and exhibition halls. In this type of halls, you can install aluminium or PVC joinery, glazed display units, and single and doubleleaf doors. With present-day systems of forced warm air heating, it is possible to maintain elevated temperature even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Structure tents with side walls made of aluminium joinery – glazed display units:

We manufacture structure tents with glazed walls made of aluminium or PVC joinery for stores, exhibitions and car showrooms.